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Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

This month began with celebrations, fireworks, and resolutions. New Year’s is a time when many of us look towards the future and make goals to better ourselves, but after the first month, how are those plans going? Making new habits and ending old ones can be difficult, so to help everyone in our community keep…

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Holiday Gift & Toy Safety

As the holidays creep closer, kids everywhere are holding their breaths in anticipation to open the long-awaited gifts sitting under the glimmering lights and wonderous tree in their home. Everyone has childhood memories of joy after opening a gift and finding the perfect new toy to play with, so now at the giving end, how…

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Skin Health for Kids

When winter rolls around, many parents know to keep lip balm and hand cream nearby to combat dry skin. But do your kids know how to keep their own skin safe from dry air and cold temperatures? While many of us see skin hygiene as cosmetic, maintaining a good health regimen for your skin can…

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November Flu Tips

Written by: Nga Tran When November comes around, many begin to think of the festivities that are lurking just around the corner. In the light of November and Thanksgiving, Phoenix ER and Medical Hospital would first and foremost like to give thanks to everyone who has supported us thus far! We appreciate you all, and…

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Shopping for Safe Food

September was National Food Safety Awareness Month, and as autumn, and the holiday season, begins many families might be wondering what exactly food safety means. Most households know the basic tenants of kitchen safety, such as never leaving the stove or oven on unattended or always cutting with the knife pointed away from you, and…

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