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Skin Health for Kids

When winter rolls around, many parents know to keep lip balm and hand cream nearby to combat dry skin. But do your kids know how to keep their own skin safe from dry air and cold temperatures? While many of us see skin hygiene as cosmetic, maintaining a good health regimen for your skin can also help your child stay safe from seasonal illnesses and infections.

In honor of Healthy Skin Month, Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital wants to help the whole family stay skin-safe. We’ll talk about how to help your children take care of their skin and why it matters for their health.

Keeping Healthy Skin

With dropping temperatures, the air gets drier and our heaters go on, causing our skin to rapidly switch from the cold, biting weather to a warm and toasty car/home/building. As a result, this leads to further drying of our skin. Among all the holiday traditions, make sure you’re taking time to take care of your skin. While parents might be more aware of moisturizing and preserving their skin health, children would also benefit in knowing these basic techniques to keep their hands and face clean and healthy.

  • Wash Your Hands: keeping your hands clean is one of the best ways to keep your kids from getting colds and the flu. Clean hands make it harder for sickness to spread, so if your kids make sure to wash their hands with warm water and soap before they eat and after using the bathroom, they can fight off viruses every day.
  • Stay Moisturized: your kids might not be used to putting hand cream on, but sometimes even their soft skin needs some extra moisturizing. Try starting a new bedtime routine, where your children can put a bit of hand and face lotion on after washing up for the night.  This will help to keep their skin from drying out, especially in the winter when the air is drier. If your family has some teenagers in it, then talk with them personally about how to take care of their skin. Sometimes teens need extra skin help with they’re going through puberty.
  • Protect from the Sun: Even in the winter time, sunblock is important for any activities your kids do outside for extended periods of time. Even though the weather is often cloudier this time of year and the weather is cold, harmful UV rays can still get through and hurt their skin. To avoid sunburns and long-term UV damage, make sure to use sunblock with SPF 30 or higher, even in the winter.
  • Proper Wound Care: While we all do our best to stay injury-free, kids can get hurt while playing or participating in after-school activities. You can help your children’s skin to stay clean and healthy by teaching them how take care of small injuries. Washing wounds with soap and warm water is a good place to start. You can also teach them to use bandages properly and encourage antibacterial salves, like Neosporin, to be used on any cut or scrape. Lastly, it is important to teach your children to never pick at their scabs, wounds, or acne. By scratching or pressing too much, we can damage our skin and cause unnecessary scarring.

With these tips in mind, you and your children can maintain healthy, soft skin. They will be a great start to strengthening your family’s health this holiday season.

Why Healthy Skin Matters

For adults, maintaining good skin is usually how we like to feel good and keep up a youthful glow, so you might be wondering why lotion and skin care is important for kids as well. The answer comes down to the fact that your skin is another organ in your body, just like your lungs or your heart. Your skin is more than just your face. It acts as the first line of defense against many infections, both big and small.

Since we use our hands for everything, what we touch could make its way into our system. This makes washing your hands before meals and after the bathroom so important, as it stops the spread of infection from getting to your most delicate areas of the body.

More than just washing their hands, encouraging strong, soft skin will help your child with their long-term health. Stronger skin is less likely to dry out or break during small injuries, and when your kids know not to pick or scratch at themselves, they can make injuries heal faster and with a lower risk of infection.


This winter teach your children the importance of skin care to help them stay healthy during the holidays. With clean hands, moisturized skin, and shielding them from UV rays, the whole family will be able to make the most out of their winter break. Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital encourages everyone to take care of their skin so that the risks of infections and injuries are lower.

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