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Outpatient Services

Laboratory Test (Single) CPT Code Result Time Price
Complete Blood Count (CBC)* 85027 Routine $40
Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP)* 80048 Routine $30
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)* 80053 Routine $40
Hepatic Panel (LFT)* 80076 Routine $40
Urinalysis - Routine (UA)* 81001 Routine $20
Urinalysis Culture (UAC) 87088 72-96 Hours $75
D-Dimer 85379 Routine $45
Uric Acid Level 84550 Routine $25
Urine Pregnancy Test- Qualitative (UAHCG) 81025 Routine $20
Lactate Level (CG4)* 82803/83605 Routine $35
Lipase 83690 Routine $60
Prothrombin Time with INR (PT-INR)* 85730 Routine $35
BNP 83880 Routine $65
Cardiac Panel(CK-MB, Troponin) *** Routine $**
Urine Drug Screen (10 Panel)* 80300 Routine $55
Influenza *** Routine $***
RSV *** Routine $***
For additional lab options, please call for availability and pricing.

*STAT lab orders are an additional $15 for indicated tests.

Outpatient Radiology Test

Study Price
General X-Ray $60
CT Without Contrast $200
CT With Contrast* $300
CT Without and With Contrast* $400
CT/MRI Angiogram* $350
MRI Without Contrast* $300
MRI With Contrast* $400
MRI Without and With Contrast* $500
Ultrasound Any Body Part Non Pelvic/OB $300
Ultrasound Pregnancy/Pelvic $350
Same day results, Price includes scan and Radiologist Interpretation, images are provided on a optical disk on discharge.

*Exams with contrast include Kidney Function Labs and IV placement.

Test that involve multiple body parts will be charged separately:

Ex: CT chest/abdomen/pelvis without and with contrast will account for 2 charges (CT Chest and CT abdomen/pelvis).

*** Pre-authorization may be required by your insurance ***

Insurance rates may be different than cash prices

Other Outpatient Services

Test Why Price
General Physical Required for Sports, Schools, Etc. Please bring the appropriate printed form (typically available on school websites or part of athletic forms). $25

Emergency Care Self-Pay Pricing

Tier Description Price
Tier 1 Minor Care $250
Tier 2 Low Severity $550
Tier 3 Medium Severity $1050
Tier 4 Moderate Severity $1250
Tier 5 High Severity/Threat $1500
Critical care and extended observation services are not included in the pricing above.