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What is a Micro-Hospital?

By NutexMarketing | October 5, 2018

In the world of modern healthcare, hospitals are not the only option for immediate medical treatment. You might have an urgent care center (UCC) across the street from your home, or a free-standing ER (FSER) around the corner from a coffee shop. With so many kinds of healthcare facilities, it can be difficult to understand…

Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital Makes the News!

By NutexMarketing | October 5, 2018

For all of the readers at Santan Sun News, there was exciting news this month. In the September 15-28 issue, the Santan Sun reported about our facility and the concierge-level, customized care we provide to patients of all ages. Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital is honored to be showcased in our community’s local news outlet. You…