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What is a Micro-Hospital?

In the world of modern healthcare, hospitals are not the only option for immediate medical treatment. You might have an urgent care center (UCC) across the street from your home, or a free-standing ER (FSER) around the corner from a coffee shop. With so many kinds of healthcare facilities, it can be difficult to understand they all mean, nonetheless what they can do. As Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital opens its doors, we want to help every patient understand what their options are for medical care, and what makes Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital, a micro-hospital, so special.

What are UCCs, FSERs, and Micro-Hospitals?

All of these facilities have names that seem to sound similar in nature. Urgent care, emergency room, hospital—it can be hard to tell them apart. But the services offered at each of these facilities is different:

  • Urgent Care Center (UCC): small healthcare centers that offer quick care for common health problems. Colds, flu, and minor injuries are usually treated here. UCCs are good for situations that someone might go to their primary physician for. When your doctor is unavailable, a UCC can provide the same care.
  • Free-standing Emergency Room (FSER): this name might sound confusing, because most people associate emergency rooms with big hospitals and ambulances, but FS ERs can provide many of the same services as a hospital-based ER. They are facilities which focus on emergency care, like infections, high fevers, injuries, concussions, and chest/abdominal pain. They are open 24/7 and are staffed with doctors available at any time. They often serve smaller communities that might not have access to a large hospital.
  • Micro-hospitals: On the surface, a micro-hospital might seem very similar to an FSER. They offer emergency medical care for anyone by board-certified doctors and nurses on staff 24/7. Micro-hospitals, however, offer a variety of services in addition to emergency care. They are, essentially, a miniature hospital that serves communities with focused, concierge-level care. Imagining technology like X-Rays, CT Scans, and even MRIs are available at micro-hospitals. Many facilities also have on-site testing laboratories, pharmacies, and IV-therapies, just like larger hospitals. Micro-hospitals are simply more accessible to patients, as they are stationed in your community to treat all illness and emergencies with professional medical care.

Why not just check into a hospital?

Traditional hospitals are what most people think of when someone mentions an emergency room or medical care. Usually, people picture something like a TV drama, with nurses and doctors rushing patients on gurneys or a person being whisked away to an examination room upon entry. For the most part, though, ERs are not nearly so theatrical. People come into emergency rooms for many reasons, and a traditional hospital often works on a triage system for patients. This means that they see patients based on the severity of their condition.

Since large hospitals are usually very busy, this triage system can mean many patients will wait several hours before a doctor can see them to determine their condition. While traditional hospitals are very effective, the crowds of patients does not make them ideal for every medical emergency. In addition, large hospitals are not always accessible to communities who aren’t close to the middle of a large city. Suburban and rural neighbors might spend an hour or more just trying to get to a hospital, not to mention waiting to be seen. In these cases, families benefit from free-standing facilities, like UCCs, FSERs, and micro-hospitals.

Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital is a micro-hospital which combines the accessibility of an FSER with the Functionality of a Hospital

Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital is your new, local micro-hospital which offers the latest in medical and emergency care to our community. We specialize in internal medicine, with an on-site pharmacy, laboratory, and imaging services. Our facility, like many micro-hospitals, is open 24/7, even on holidays. Many micro-hospitals function on the same level as larger hospitals, but without the overcrowded triage system. Our smaller, specialized facility enables us to offer the utmost in medical care to all of our patients. The average ratio for our facility is 2 patients for every medical professional, meaning that you will never be left waiting for hours at Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital.

In additional emergency services, many micro-hospitals also see patients on appointments, and Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital is no different. All patients can call to make special appointments with one of our doctors. They can schedule a procedure, like a blood test or X-Ray, in advance. Having all of these technologies, which are not usually found in a general practitioner’s office, nearby and available to anyone, makes your community healthcare stronger.

While there are many kinds of medical facilities popping up near you, this means that your healthcare is getting stronger. With more options comes better care, all of it tailored to fit your family’s needs. In the case of small colds and minor injuries, urgent care centers are available to help. In the case of serious injuries and illnesses, then micro-hospitals, like Phoenix ER & Medical Hospital, are open 24/7 to make sure your family is in good health.

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